Ginger Variegated CAPE CORAL

It works as a surround for trees or palms, a filler for a corner bed or an anchor plant for a mixed garden.

Especially valuable is the fact that this ginger can give color and impact to a shaded area. The name shell ginger refers to the flowers that appear (infrequently) in warm weather, looking like strands of tiny white seashells.

The flowers are lightly fragrant and the leaves themselves have a tangy fresh aroma. These plants are often seen growing in flat-out full sun but they prefer a bit of afternoon shade to keep the leaves from browning.

You can trim off the tallest stalks to keep this ginger a bit lower in size.

This ginger is a moderate grower that can reach heights of 3 to 6 feet, and grows 5 to 8 feet wide. These are moderately salt-tolerant plants that do best in part sun to part shade. Too much sun will burn the leaves and the leaves will fold up to try to protect themselves from the blast of sunshine.

Variegated ginger is moderately drought tolerant once established, and easy care as long as you've planned well for the plant's eventual size.

Variegated ginger is susceptible to spider mites. They reproduce quickly so go on the offensive by keeping your ginger plants well watered in hot weather and spritz the foliage in the evening, never while the sun is on it with the hose during dry weather. Ginger is resistant to most other pests. If the plant doesn't flower, it might not be getting enough sunlight.

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